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What do you need to know about Adobe Dreamweaver?

Most people are familiar with a lot of Adobe’s software, especially that most of them revolve around one main purpose: design. Adobe Dreamweaver is no different; it is their dedicated program to design professional and high-quality websites. If you are a web developer, you probably already heard of it, maybe even used it, and want to know more about it. If you are new to this field, we can guess then that you are curious about different programs, including Dreamweaver, and want to decide if this program suits your needs and whether you should opt for it or not. Either way, if you are here, it is that you want to know all possible information about this software, and you did come to the right place for that. So, keep reading until the end!


What is Adobe Dreamweaver? 

Adobe Dreamweaver is a program mainly used by web developers to create and design a website and make sure it’ll be available on all different devices. They can create the pages easily, personalize them, edit them, and more. And, using Dreamweaver, they can be sure that their website will function on phones, computers, tablets, and any electronic device where it can be opened.

Adobe Dreamweaver first belonged to Macromedia. It is only in 2005 that Adobe decided to acquire the software and work on developing it, even more, to finally become the one you know today. And, the latest versions have known so many updates in order to guarantee a professional and enjoyable experience for the users.

If this one is well-known among developers, it is thanks to its user-friendly interface that can be learned quickly, offering all the needed features to do the work. This software allows you to develop any type of web content you like, and it indeed is one of the best choices, as you only need to know the basics of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to work with it. No in-depth knowledge of web technologies and scripting languages is required. 


Adobe Dreamweaver: 

Too complicated for beginners or too simplistic for professionals?

When you first hear of Adobe, all you can think about is Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, since most of the light is shed on them. On the other hand, Dreamweaver does not get as much attention, and it is only natural that you wonder why. Is it not as professional? Does it have any secret loopholes you need to know about?

Well, Dreamweaver certainly offers a full package of what you need to design a website, whether you are a beginner or a professional web developer. It offers a drag-and-drop interface so easy to use that it will make your work a piece of cake, which makes professional web developers wonder if the software wouldn’t be way too easy for them.

That said, on a different note, the updates of Adobe are switching it into a “more professional” type of software focusing more on developing codes, which puts the beginners in a position where they need to learn more about the scripting languages to work on it, and it does not really work in the software’s favor.

This confusion, as you can see, between being at the same time too simplistic and too complicated, is probably what ruins Adobe Dreamweaver’s reputation even though its amazing features.


Does that mean that Adobe Dreamweaver is more suitable for professionals?

Adobe Dreamweaver has the reputation of being a program that includes the whole package to build a website, but what you need to know is that it is now code-oriented.

This means that it will provide you with all the necessary tools to code the website, along with visual aids, to spot common errors, give you hints, etc. They also give you visual guidance through your mission, such as pre-designed templates that show you what a website’s structure looks like and that you only need to customize according to your needs.

Well, what about beginners then?

If you are using one or several of Adobe’s applications already, it is only natural to turn to Dreamweaver even if you are a beginner. But it will be crucial to learn some basics concerning HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, as we mentioned before. But look at the bright sides, this basic knowledge is essential for any web developer working on improving himself, so it is better to do so sooner rather than later!

Other than that, when it comes to Dreamweaver’s interface, you get to customize your workspace to make it easier to manipulate. 

The software is really not that difficult to use, after all, if you give it a good thought. It just needs a little more effort and patience, and we believe you can do it!


How much does Adobe Dreamweaver cost?

The annual subscription to Dreamweaver will cost you $20.99 per month. If you make a monthly subscription, it will cost you $31.49, which is budget-friendly but still not as affordable as many other programs available for the same purposes. That said, if you are really interested in trying Dreamweaver, the price is not that bad for a month of trial.

If you have a full CC subscription, Dreamweaver is included, so you do not need to pay for it.


Should you buy Adobe Dreamweaver?

The bottom line comes to this question, whether to buy Dreamweaver or not. If you are looking for a serious and effective software to design and develop websites, Dreamweaver is clearly your answer. It has all the tools and features you will need to do great work. It is professional and gives fantastic results!

That said, if you are just looking for the easy way and code is not really your field of expertise, you might want to consider another program using pre-designed templates that you just have to fill with your content. A simple google search will help you find many of them.


So, are you using Adobe Dreamweaver? Or do you have alternatives requiring less effort? Let us know in the comments!

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