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A Guide to Use QuickBooks

– 7 Tips to use QuickBooks to its fullest potential – 


Are you a business owner and need someone or a software to run accounting for you? Or are you a bookkeeper who is currently looking for a job as an accountant? QuickBooks is an accounting software that you can use for business financial accounts. Nowadays, learning QuickBooks is a must as it will help you land your next job or simply manage your business better.


What is QuickBooks?

As we said before, QuickBooks is an accounting software that runs various accounting tasks for small and medium-sized businesses. Some of these tasks are the following:

  • Invoices and Managing Sales: Writing invoices are part of every business. They are used during every transaction with customers, clients, or suppliers. QuickBooks will create invoices for you as well as a list of all the clients you worked with.
  • Keeping Track of your Bills: As a business owner, one of the things that you should avoid is not paying your past due bills. By connecting your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks, all your transactions will be saved automatically. The software will create an Accounts Payable Report showing all of your current and past due bills.
  • Creating Business Reports: Business reports are a great tool to show how your business is currently doing. QuickBooks will create business reports for you to overview the health of your business. 
  • Managing Salaries: This is one of the best features of this software. You can use it to pay your employees, whether by checks or deposits. It also handles all the taxing work that comes with that.  
  • Managing your Inventory: Successfully running and managing your inventory will contribute significantly to your business’s success. QuickBooks tracks every transaction you make and updates the inventory information accordingly.


In QuickBooks, you can choose what information you want to use. Whether these are data, reports, or features, you can modify your preferences at any time you want. This way, you can access your desired information quickly and easily.

There are so many testimonies from small and medium-sized businesses praising QuickBooks for its worthiness and effectiveness in operating the accounting services. However, sometimes, these businesses are not using all the tools available at their hands in QuickBooks. 

Learning how to run and work on QuickBooks effectively is easy and will help your business reach your desired goals.

Here are some tips on how to use QuickBooks to its fullest potential. 


  1. Learn the QuickBooks’ Lists feature

QuickBooks allows you to use lists to organize information and limit tasks consisting of entering data as they take a significant amount of time. Once the data is integrated, you can use it to customize a report and work on it to make management decisions.

  1. Group all of your costs

QuickBooks offers you a “Charts of Accounts” feature allowing you to group all of your costs by function. You will then be able to get all the needed information on your costs to make wise financial decisions.

  1. Use your “Customer: Job” List 

QuickBooks offers you another feature called “Customer: Job,” which keeps you updated on all the financial transactions between your business and a specific customer, including purchase orders, bills, payments, etc.  

  1. Name your vendors

Instead of struggling to remember your vendor’s formal name to make each payment, QuickBooks enables you to name your vendors as you wish. This way, you can easily memorize the name you picked.

  1. Use customized QuickBooks Reports

QuickBooks also enables you to customize your reports according to your needs. Since each business owner requires a different report format, you can customize reports’ templates and use them when needed.

  1. Monitor important information

One of the major uses of QuickBooks is gathering and saving important data. You can create different accounts to monitor all the data, one for each specific purpose, one for each job, each employee, etc.

  1. Use the Help features

QuickBooks help features are the following:

  • Help with This Window (by pressing F1)
  • Help Index (Help window > Highlight and click on relevant word)
  • How do I? (Activity window > How do I button?)


How can I learn QuickBooks?

Learning QuickBooks might seem like a challenging task, but once you get familiar with its tools and features, the results will be worth it.

There are many ways to help you learn QuickBooks; articles, tutorials, training, and more. You just got to pick the one you are more comfortable with.

Check out the following ways to learn QuickBooks and see if one of them seems tempting enough to try!

QuickBooks Learning Center

QuickBooks offers you guidance by putting several PDFs at your disposition. You can access them through the Help menu of the program. They contain many learning modules, and you can even access the learning portal to join other users and share knowledge.

QuickBooks Tutorials

You can also check tutorials explaining each task on QuickBooks in detail. Do not go for long videos as you might end up bored. A three-minute video for each feature is enough. Start with the main functions such as sales, taxes, inventory, etc.

QuickBooks Training

A QuickBooks’ training is dedicated to giving quality training for not only beginners but also professionals. Training differs from one source to another, but they all guarantee proper guidance to use QuickBooks.

You can contact a trainer and have them send instructions and answer your questions when needed. Or, you can sign-up for online training and receive the videos of the sessions or attend virtual ones.  

You can also find several platforms dedicated to offering software training. Udemy, for instance, offers excellent training for beginners. Professionals can opt for the “Ultimate QuickBooks Pro Training Bundle” to improve themselves.

Most QuickBooks’ trainings on Udemy are around 50hours (7 courses or so) and cost $10.99, which is very affordable.


We hope the information provided in this article was useful and will help you use your QuickBooks properly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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