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A Guide to Use QuickBooks

– 7 Tips to use QuickBooks to its fullest potential –    Are you a business owner and need someone or a software to run accounting for you? Or are you a bookkeeper who is currently looking for a job as an accountant? QuickBooks is an accounting software that you can use for business financial […]

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5 things you didn’t know about QuickBooks

“I was an accountant student in high school, and every time I was in class, I used to tell myself that there must be a software that will help me do all the calculations and do the job even better. I was right, and I came across this fantastic software which is called QuickBooks.” QuickBooks […]


What do you need to know about Adobe Dreamweaver?

Most people are familiar with a lot of Adobe’s software, especially that most of them revolve around one main purpose: design. Adobe Dreamweaver is no different; it is their dedicated program to design professional and high-quality websites. If you are a web developer, you probably already heard of it, maybe even used it, and want […]


What does Microsoft Office include?

Everyone knows and uses at least one application of Microsoft Office. For instance, Microsoft Word is used for typing and creating written documents. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to make presentations. Microsoft Outlook is used to keep yourself organized and manage dates and emails. These are the most common ones for sure, but Microsoft Office actually […]

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